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Would you like to take the next step of your career in collaboration with us? We seek to continually build an outstanding group of researchers with diverse and complementary educational backgrounds, research skills, and goals/interests. Our researchers have a strong record of publication and collaboration, and have gone on to positions in tenure-track academic, medicine, academic publishing, medical industry, entrepreneurship, and more. The University of Iowa provides a wealth of research opportunities and Iowa City is a great place to live. The Tomchik lab is located in the Iowa Neuroscience Institute, and provides space and resources for cutting-edge in vivo imaging and optogenetics, human iPSC cell culture, Drosophila behavioral analysis, molecular biology, and more.  Peruse this site, see below for our current opportunities, and reach out to learn more.

Current opportunities

Opportunities are available across projects and positions at various times. See below to learn about the types of positions we commonly offer and where/how to apply. Don't see what you are looking for? It might be coming soon - feel free to reach out to Seth Tomchik.

Postdoctoral Scientist

Interested in doing a postdoc in the lab? We are always looking for great scientists with interests in our area and complementary skills/expertise.


Postdocs in the lab have gone on to positions in tenure-track academia, medical industry, academic publishing, and more. Reach out to Seth Tomchik about the current opportunities.

Research Assistant/ Associate/ Specialist

Are you interested in a research position with a bachelor's or master's degree? Research Assistant, Research Associate, and Research Specialist positions are for individuals with varying levels of postgraduate experience/expertise (starting, +1 years, and +3 years full-time experience, respectively).


These positions are excellent both for individuals seeking a research position over the long term and those who would like to build skills, experience, and publications/C.V. for future medical or doctoral studies. When available, these opportunities are posted on the University of Iowa jobs page. Use this link or search for "Tomchik" in the Staff Jobs page within

Graduate research and education

We provide research experience for doctoral and medical students in the following University of Iowa graduate programs: Biomedical Sciences, Pharmacology, Neuroscience, Genetics, and the Medical Sciences Training Program.


Our students have outstanding research, collaboration, and publication records. Interested in working with us, but don't see your program listed? Not a deal breaker - let's connect!

Postbacc Scholar

Are you graduating with a bachelor's degree and looking for a little more research experience to push your graduate/medical school application over the top? We offer Postbacc Scholar positions for 1-2 years to facilitate the transition. 

Our Postbaccs have gone on to publish their studies and gain admission to a range of top graduate programs. There are multiple routes to a Postbacc position in the lab - interested individuals should arrange a discussion with Seth.

Undergraduate Internship

We offer undergraduate internships for University of Iowa students during the academic year. These are advertised on Handshake. Summer internships are available for students from multiple universities as well (can be other times during the year if available).


Undergraduates in the lab have excellent track records of publishing their research and going on to top graduate and medical schools. Interested students: search Handshake and/or get in touch!

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