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Lab Welcomes MSTP SUMR Student

May 20, 2024

This summer, the lab welcomes Nabil Othman, an MSTP SUMR student.

Hannah in front an interactive, lighted brain sculpture at the Unievrsity of Iowa

We are pleased to welcome Nabil Othman to the lab this summer. Nabil is joining us as part of the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) Summer Undergraduate MSTP Research (SUMR) Program. He is working on his bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering at Marquette University, and has obtained research experience in several labs at Marquette, Argonne National Laboratory, and the National Institutes of Health. Over his 10-week internship in the lab, Nabil will be working on understanding how memory-relevant neuronal circuits modulate locomotion and arousal-dependent memory modulation.



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