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Lab in Action

Some of the activities of our lab members over the years, including our research, teaching, education, and mentoring missions

Research Overview

Seth Tomchik speaking about our research in learning and memory, and how this interests underlies our research in genetic disorders


Seth Tomchik teaching a graduate-level lecture+lab course at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory over the summer to help educate the next generation of scientists.


High school intern Chevara Joseph speaking about her experience as an intern in the lab studying NF1. Chevara was immensely successful in the lab (and beyond!), coauthoring a paper from her research, and went on to graduate school at Columbia.

Novel Nf1 research approaches

Loss of function in the NF1 gene increases grooming in Drosophila. This provides a platform for dissecting the neuronal roles of the NF1-encoded neurofibromin protein in a powerful genetic model system.

Lab activities

Keep up with the day in and day out activities in the lab on our Instagram feed.

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